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We are happy to represent contemporary oil paintings, created by Russian artist Serg Graff. Please enjoy his art collection.


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Brief information about Serg Graff:
Sergey Graff was born and raised in  Russia. He spent most of his life there, and at the age of 40, he moved to the United States. He loved to create and get creative from early childhood, always going to different art and painting classes. The majority of his works was however created when he moved to America when art was merely a hobby and an outlet for his mood to get expressed. Today, when his unique collection got the attention of several admirers and fans, he decided to widen the range of his paintings.

Among the admirers and buyers of his work are business owners, psychiatrists, CEO, and other lovers of Art. Serg Graff creates most of his painting in abstract and naive primitivism, a popular mode of aesthetic idealization.
Serg plans on developing a big art space but is currently enjoying a home studio with an online art gallery.
He sincerely and genuinely hopes that the bright
and vivid colors will save the world from sadness and distract them from the daily routine and hustle. He looks into his future with optimism and enthusiasm closely related to art.
Also, if you would like to purchase his works in the future, he could write whatever you wish on the back of the painting, names, and messages.

Also, we attach a Certificate of Authenticity with every painting.

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