This is an original  oil painting on canvas depicting Matryoshka dolls, also known as Babushka Dolls, Russian Tea dolls, stacking dolls, or Russian dolls. It is  the set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. The name "matryoshka" (матрёшка), literally "little matron", is a diminutive form of Russian female first name "Matryona" (Матрёна) or "Matryosha".

A set of matryoshkas consists of a wooden figure, which separates at the middle, top from bottom, to reveal a smaller figure of the same sort inside, which has, in turn, another figure inside of it, and so on. 


Painting was created during the Soviet Union (USSR) Please see the attached paper on the back of the  canvas ( Podolsk, USSR). Canvas is in a good condition without any cracks or holes. Frame has missing pieces, paint  and needs to repairing. Measures 8.5" x 10" including original frame.

This type  is a very rare and unique and will be the a wonderful piece of your collection. 



Oil painting on canvas, Russian Matryoshka doll (nested doll (USSR,Soviet Union)