Up for sale original oil painting in canvas by Famous Hungarian Artist Janos Viski. Canvas is in good condition, has two small repaired holes almost invisible. Please see photos, they are the part of the description. Framed measures 28.5" x 36.5", painting 22" x 30".  
JANOS VISKI was born in 1891, in Szokolya, Hungary. This brilliant Hungarian artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under Tividar Zempleny directions. If you are one of the proud owners of any of his paintings please feel free to upload them here. His first exhibition dates from 1913 -although there are some people date it from 1921- By admiring his works, one can easily see-through his paintbrushes, and feel his passion for animals, especially horses. According to many Art Specialists, it was not just the animal he was interested in but also its features and particular movement, which he successfully managed to portray in his works. 

Forms and colors were his main tools to express himself, animals and landscapes, his passions. His works reflect that supreme blend, fantastically achieved by a gifted artist. Featuring motion and forms, as well as color effects in open-air locations, his most frequent model, were horses. 

His pictures express strength; and a careful admirer would discover a great impressionist effect. His paintings could and can be admired by several Museums, galleries, and showrooms all over Hungary, and many of them can be found in private collections in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. For in his quest to admire light and natural beauty, he traveled several times to these southern countries on study trips. 

In 1936 he was awarded a Grand Prix at the 1936 Salon des Beaux-Arts in Paris.


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Listed Artist Janos Viski (1891-1987) oil on canvas, Horses, Signed, Framed

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